DNA Sequencing Companies (July 2018)

Below is a list of 40 companies who either have a DNA sequencing platform on the market, or where there’s public information that they are developing a DNA sequencing/mapping platform. There are a few cases where it’s not clear if the company is still active, I’ve tried to note this. If have any information on these companies, know of any others, or would just like to chat about sequencing companies/the sequencing market in general, feel free to email me (new at sgenomics dot org).

Disclosure: I’ve worked at a few of these companies, all the information presented here is based on public information.

Due to the width of the table, it’s best viewed on desktop.

Name Further Info Status Detection method Single mol? Chemistry Location
Armonica Technologies LLC Company Website Seed? Optical-nanopore Yes Direct (label free) New Mexico – USA
Base4 Company Website Series A+? Microdroplet/optical (+nanopore) No Pyrophosphorolysis Cambridge – UK
BGI (Complete Genomics) Company website Acquired Optical No SBL/SBH Mountain View – USA
BioNanomatrix Company Website Series D Optical Yes hybridized? tags San Diego – USA
Caerus Molecular Diagnostics Company Website Seed – 2014 Optical Yes SBS? Mountain View – USA
Centrillion Company Website Series B Optical No SBS on Array Palo Alto – USA
Cygnus Biosciences News Article Series B Optical No SBS Beijing – China
Depixus (was Picoseq) Company Website Series A Unzipping force Yes SBH/Interference Paris
Direct Genomics Company Website Unknown Optical Yes SBS Shenzhen – China
DNAe (DNA Electronics) Company Website Series A + X? ISFET No SBS (unlabelled) London – UK
Electronic Biosciences Company Website Seed+? Protein-nanopore Yes Direct (label free)? San Diego – USA
ElectroSeq Genomeweb Article Pre-seed? ISFET No SBS? New Mexico – USA
Eve Biomedical Funding note Seed, Dead? Carbon Nanotube – FET Yes SBS? Mountain View – USA
Genapsys Company Website Series B Undisclosed No SBS? Redwood City – USA
Genedra Biotech Ltd Company Website (dead) Dead? Optical Unknown SBS Beijing – China
Genome Surveillance, Inc. Online note Pre-seed Unknown Yes? Restriction map? Wisconsin – USA
Illumina Company Website IPO Optical No SBS San Diego – USA
iNanoBio Company Website Seed? Nanowire – FET Unknown Unknown Arizona – USA
inSilixa Company Website Series A ISFET + other No SBS (unlabelled) Sunnyvale, CA – USA
Intelligent biosystems (Qiagen) Company Website Acquired Optical No SBS? Netherlands
Ion Torrent (ThermoFisher) Company Website Acquired ISFET No SBS (unlabelled) Massachusetts – USA?
Lasergen (Agilent) Company Website Acquired Optical No SBS Texas – USA
Lightspeed Genomics Company Website Acquired? Optical Unknown Unknown Santa Clara – USA
Molecular Research Limited (Mobious) Company Website Seed? Alive? Molecular Resonance Sequencing Unknown Unknown Exeter – UK
Nabsys 2.0 Company Website Series E+ Solid-state nanopore Yes hybridized tags Rhode Island – USA
NanoString Technologies Bio IT World Article Series E+ Optical No hybridized tags Seattle – USA
Northshore Bio Company Website Series A Solid-state nanopore Yes Direct (label free) Camas, WA
Omniome Company Website Series A+ Undisclosed Undisclosed SBB San Diego – USA
OpGen Company Website IPO Optical Yes Restriction mapping Maryland – USA
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Company Website Series I+ Protein-nanopore Yes Direct (label free) Oxford – UK
PacBio Company Website IPO Optical – ZMW Yes SBS Menlo Park – USA
Personal Genomics/CrackerBio Video Unknown Optical Semiconductor No SBS? Taiwan
Quantapore Company Website Series C Optical-Nanopore Yes All bases labelled Menlo Park – USA
Quantum Biosystems Company Website Series B Nanopore/gap Yes Direct (label free) Osaka – Japan
QuantumDX Company Website Series A Nanowire – FET Yes/No Hybridized tags Newcastle – UK
Roche (Genia Technologies) Company Website Acquired Protein-nanopore Yes SBS Santa Clara – USA
Roswell Biotechnologies Company Website Seed/Series A? Nanogap? Yes Direct? San Diego – USA
SeqLL Company Website Series A Optical Yes SBS Massachusetts – USA
SingularBIO Company Website Series A? Unknown Unknown Unknown San Francisco – USA
Singular Genomics Note Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown San Diego – USA
Two Pore Guys Company Website Series B? Solid-state nanopore Yes Unknown/Various Santa Cruz – USA
XGenomes Company Website Seed? Optical Unknown Unknown Boston – USA

SBS: Sequencing-by-Synthesis

SBH: Sequencing-by-Hybridization

SBB: Sequencing-by-Binding