Nanopore DNA Sequencing Research Groups (August 2018)

This is a draft list of research groups engaged in research on the use of nanopores for DNA sequencing. It’s based on this list. I went through this and searched for groups that had published research on DNA sensing using nanopores since 2015. I also added a couple of groups. The list is likely incomplete, and I plan on tidying it up over the next couple of days.

Lab name Website Recent Publication
Nanopore Group – UC Santa Cruz Group Page Mapping DNA methylation with high-throughput nanopore sequencing
The Aksimentiev Group Group Page DNA sequence-dependent ionic currents in ultra-small solid-state nanopores
The Albrecht Group Group Page Low Noise Nanopore Platforms Optimised for the Synchronised Optical and Electrical Detection of Biomolecules
Anselmetti lab Group Page Controlled translocation of DNA through nanopores in carbon nano-, silicon-nitride- and lipid-coated membranes
Bayley Group Group Page Nucleobase Recognition by Truncated α-Hemolysin Pores
Behrends Laboratory Group Page Length- and Species-Selective Detection of Short Oligonucleotides using a Microelectrode Cavity Array of Biological Nanopores
Cees Dekker Lab Group Page
Chen Research Group Group Page
DRNDIĆ Lab Group Page Monolayer WS2 Nanopores for DNA Translocation with Light-Adjustable Sizes
Edel Group Group Page Double Barrel Nanopores as a New Tool for Controlling Single-Molecule Transport
The Nanopore Group at Harvard Group Page
UW Nanopore Biophysics Group Page
The Hall Lab Group Page
Keyser Lab Group Page
Jiali Li Lab Group Page A tip-attached tuning fork sensor for the control of DNA translocation through a nanopore
Xinsheng Ling Group Page Rapid fabrication of solid-state nanopores with high reproducibility over a large area using a helium ion microscope
Maglia Lab Group Page Alpha‐Helical Fragaceatoxin C Nanopore Engineered for Double‐Stranded and Single‐Stranded Nucleic Acid Analysis
Meller Group Group Page
McGrath Lab Group Page DNA Translocations through Nanopores under Nanoscale Preconfinement
Muthukumar Lab Group Page Temperature effect on ionic current and ssDNA transport through nanopores
Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology (Aleksandra Radenovic) Group Page Identification of single nucleotides in MoS2 nanopores
Rosenstein Laboratory Group Page In Situ Nanopore Fabrication and Single-Molecule Sensing with Microscale Liquid Contacts
Stein Lab Group Page Nanopore Sequencing: Forcing Improved Resolution
Stuart Lindsay Group Page Universal Readers Based on Hydrogen Bonding or π–π Stacking for Identification of DNA Nucleotides in Electron Tunnel Junctions
Taniguchi Lab Group Page Quantitative analysis of DNA with single-molecule sequencing
The T.-Cossa LAB Group Page DNA Translocations through Nanopores under Nanoscale Preconfinement
Wanunu Lab Group Page Length-independent DNA packing into nanopore zero-mode waveguides for low-input DNA sequencing
Yitao Long Group Page Construction of an aerolysin nanopore in a lipid bilayer for single-oligonucleotide analysis

Need to add:
Zero-mode waveguide detection of DNA translocation through FIB-organised arrays of engineered nanopores