2018 DNA Sequencing Raises and Acquisitions

As we’re heading toward the end of 2018, I thought it might be interesting to put together a list of DNA sequencing companies that have raised in 2018. I’m aware of 14 companies that either raised or were acquired this year. Excluding acquisitions this totaled 368MUSD of investment.

Company Amount (MUSD) Further Info
Centrillion Biosciences 27.5 info
Direct Genomics 34 info
Genapsys 32.5 info
iNanoBio 3.3 info
LaserGen (acquired) 105 info
Omniome 60 info
Oxford Nanopore 140 info
Pacific Biosciences (acquired) 1200 info
Quantapore 15.55 info
Quantum Biosystems 8.8 info
QuantumDX 12 info
Stratos Genomics 20 info
Two Pore Guys 2.9+4.6? info
Universal Sequencing Technology 8 info

A couple of other companies raised toward the end of 2017:
Cygnus Biosciences, 19.6M USD info and
Base4 Innovation Ltd, 6.5M USD, info.