Playing with a Handycam CCD-F340 Viewfinder CRT Notes

I was tearing down a Handycam and came across the viewfinder CRT. I have another project were I want to drive a CRT with an XY input and figured it would be good to experiment with this CRT module. These are my notes.

Here’s the module extracted from the camera:

The module has a 4pin cable which connects it to the camera body. The module requires 5V power at ~60mA.

I fiddled around a bit to determine where power needed to be connected. The connector below the camera side. Clearly at least one of these pins should be signal input (my guess is the yellow wire). But the signal appears to need to be high/low to power up the module.

Below is the setup I used to drive the coils. I drive the coils directly from a function generator. 12Khz +/- 10V works well. The coils are essentially isolated from the rest of the circuit (as I understand it).

Fiddling with the pots on the module can help tighten the spot size, reduce the intensity. Below is a typical video. Couple of 12KHz +/- ~10V sine waves.