Union Microscope


I picked up a Union microscope on an auction site for about 80USD including P&P. I got it just to look at the die of a CCD I’ve been playing with. Being so cheap I hardly expected it to work at all, but although there seem to be illumination issues it did the job (turns out the CCD is a Sony ICX495).

I was particularly excited by the Mitutoyo micrometer heads… hmmmmm…. Check below for video can more photos:






The illumination issues noted above were caused by two things. Firstly, there were indeed yellow filters installed. One inside the eye piece, another on the solenoid shown in the pictures above, and a third in the underside illumination path. I removed the filtered. However the jig with the micrometers on it was also faulty. That jig has two sets of sliding pieces of metal in it. They block the path of the of the light coming in at the back. This allows you to illuminate a rectangle region only. However, one of the “windows” was jammed, so only a small band could ever be illuminated. I removed this jig so everything is always illuminated.

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