+/- 15V and 5V REF board


This is a first pass at a power supply board for use with the AD5791 DAC board. It should run from 3v up. It uses an LM3224 to boost the 3v to +/- 16V and a MAX889 to invert this to give -16V. TPS7A3001 and TPS7A4901 linear regulators are used in an effort to avoid any switching noise and regulate down to +/- 15V. The board also contains an ADR445 5V reference for the DAC. The switching components sit under an RF shield. I’m hoping that helps reduce noise in the system.

Out to fab, fingers crossed it works!

[UPDATE] Already found out the MAX889 is the wrong part. Only goes to 8V. Will be trying a LT1054.

New LT1054 version: powerbrd.tar

Old MAX889 version: powerbrd.tar