Epson UK Printheads (SX series)

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Epson UK Printheads (SX series)

Patent Protocol

figure 2:

SCK  : Clock for SI&SP                                  pin 13
LAT  : Latch signal
SI&SP: Drive pulse selection data, selects nozzle
COM  : Drive signal
CH   : Connect drive input to nozzle

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Pinout guesses:

2  Gnd/NC/HV Gnd?
3  Gnd
4  3v? ref? from printer
5  3.3v from printer
6  Gnd
7  Gnd
8  <2v 1us Trig?                        Probably CH? (could be latch?)
9  3.3v? from printer
10 3v 0.5us Trig? from printer?         Probably LATCH
11 Gnd/NC??
12 Gnd
13 Clk? 100ns 3v/from printer!           Probably CLK?
14 Gnd
15 100ns 3v Data? from printer?          SI&SP DATA1
16 Gnd
17 100ns 3v Data? from printer?          SI&SP DATA2
18 Gnd
19 40v (43v from printer)
20 HV Data from printhead? from printer? (constant 1.5v with no head connected)
21 Gnd/NC/HV Gnd?                        Probably COM2

1HV Data from printhead? (40v signal)Probably COM1
2Gnd/NC/HV Gnd?Probably COM1 Gnd?
3GndSignal Gnd?
43.3/3v ref from printer. 
53.3v from printer 
8<2v 1usProbably CH
93.3v from printer 
103.v 0.5us from printer?Probably LATCH
13Clk? 100ns 3v from printer
Probably CLK
15100ns 3v DataSI&SP DATA1
17100ns 3v Data? from printer?SI&SP DATA2
1943v from printer 
20HV Data?Probably COM2
21Gnd/NC/HV Gnd?