11inch Celestron CPC Series Telescope Repair – Initial Photos

img_0836I’ve been entrusted with a pretty fine telescope to repair. Usually when I repair something I only post the final report and don’t go into much detail about the initial state I found it in.

Mostly for my own reference I’ve decided to document exactly what parts I have.

The telescope is a Celestron CPC Series 11inch scope.

When I first looked at it, there was clearly something rattling around (bad sign). Turns out there was a piece of metal sitting on the primary mirror. This seems like a bad situation. I unscrewed the top of the scope, removed the piece of metal and replaced the glass again prior to transportation.

The piece of metal seems to be part of an eye-piece lens, you can see it sitting on the mirror in the image below.

img_0828A Celestron visual back-1 1/4″ is mounted on the back of the telescope. No eyepiece or 90 degree prism is present. I do also have the strand though (shown below). But there no handset control unit, and no other cables.

More pics below…




img_0839 img_0837   img_0824 img_0823