uMD1 – ChipKIT 32 – HP Interferometer Interface

I’ve put together a simple interface for use with Sam’s and Jan’s HP Interferometer code for the ChipKIT 32. It’s really just a layout of the design listed on their site, however avoids some wire-wrapping. You can find the Kicad files and gerbers on github.

I decided to use all through-hole components to make it easy to assemble. In a future revision I might move to SMD, the mounting points need re-positioning. I’d also like to try laying out the PIC32 on the same board. The board however works well for me, and it depends if I get any interest in developing it further. If you’d like one let me know and I’ll put it in my shop.

The board I’ve designed routes power traces to terminal blocks to which the receiver and laser head are attached. This helps simplify wiring.