Logitec LBT-VRU01 (bluetooth LE iPhone locator?)


I picked this up in Akihabara yesterday. It was 100JPY (about 1USD). It appears to be a bluetooth LE dongle that makes your iPhone vibrate when you press the button. The Japanese documentation is here. I guess the idea is you use it to find your phone when you’ve lost it… wonder what you do when you lose it though…

It looks like it might be reasonably hackable, you can see from the pics below it’s using SPI parts, and the SPI signals have been broken out on to pads which is nice.

The main components seem to be:

NY5P025AS24: A cheap 4bit? CPU
CSR-1000A04U152AZ: The bluetooth LE part
ATMLH216: A small EEPROM




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