uMD1 Build Notes

These are my notes on building Sam and Jan’s interferometer signal processing firmware for the Chipkit DP32.

First download the firmware, this is the version I used: (local copy (gz)).

Then install UECIDE, download it here: I used the latest version on Linux (

Next in Tools->Plugin Manager select Boards->chipKIT->chipKIT DP32 and then select “install”… wait.

Next in Tools->Plugin Manager select Compilers->PIC32->PIC32 Compiler for MX version 4.5.2 and then select “install”… wait.

Make sure the plugins have actually installed. UECIDE fails silently if you run out of disk space…

Open the ino file above (File-Open) it’ll move it into a scratch area. Select Hardware->Boards->chipKIT->chipKIT DP32

Select Hardware->Compilers->pic32-tools-452

In a text editor open: .uecide/compilers/pic32-tools-452/pic32mx/include/plib.h, comment out line 61 (#include <peripheral/ports.h).

Hit compile, hope for the best.

Remove all the jumpers from the chipKIT 32 board. Reinstall one jumper on JP7 furthest from the terminal block, the position is labeled VBUS.

Plug the board into a USB port. Press Press RESET and PGM buttons at the same time. Release RESET then PGM.

In UECIDE select Hardware->Device and then whichever serial port the chipKIT 32 is connected to.

Select Hardware->Programmers->Upload to chipKIT board via avrdude.

Press “Program”. Hope for the best again.

If everything has worked correctly you should be able to see the chipKIT throwing out numbers in serial console. Seemly baudrate settings don’t matter.