Canon Ixy 60 (Powershot SD450)


I’ve been playing with some Canon Ixy 60s which I picked up for 5USD in the junk bins of Akihabara. The camera uses a 5MP CCD sensor. I’m interested in understanding the protocol used to communicate with this sensor better. This post documents my notes so far.

I could just about get the thing to power up while disassembled by jaming the battery door sensor closed and pressing the power button:


I then taped everything down, so I could probe around. It’s still annoying that it powers off every 30s or so:


I assigned pin numbers to the CCD pins as follows:

I then removed the CCD from the FPCB, hopefully I didn’t damage the FPCB in the process. Interestingly the camera still powers up. If you short the pins in the bottom left corner you even get something on the screen.



I saved scope traces for all the pins below (clearly a bunch are ground, but hey).

Pin1: 1
Pin2: 1
Pin3: 1
Pin4: 1
Pin5: 1
Pin6: 1
Pin7: 1
Pin8: 1
Pin9: 1
Pin10: 1
Pin11: 1
Pin12: 1
Pin13: 1
Pin14: 1
Pin15: 1
Pin16: 1
Pin17: 1
Pin18: 1
Pin19: 1
Pin20: 1
Pin21: 1
Pin22: 1
Pin23: 1
Pin24: 1
Pin25: 1
Pin26: 1
Pin27: 1
Pin28: 1


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