+/- 13V PSU Board Bring up

photo 1(3)

I received the Power supply boards from OSHPark today and built them up. A few patches were required, but a lot less than the DAC board.

The board is designed to provide the 5V reference and +/- rails for the DAC board. The DAC board needs rails 2.5V greater/less than the references. I’m using 10V references. Originally I was going for 15V rails, but decided to go with 13V here.

As noted before, the board uses an LM3224 boost converter to step 3.3V to ~15V. The LT1054 inverts that. I’m concerned about switching noise, so these sit under a can (as yet unplaced) and feed linear regulators on the output. There’s also a 5V reference which is used by the DAC board to derive +/- 10V references.

Revisions required:

* Missing connection on R2 (dammit Kicad!)
* Diode silkscreen is wrong (serious Kicad, could the library and footprint pinouts not match?)
* LT1054 resistors/C17 wrong. However should not be placed anyway.
* C18 10uF ok? Placed as tantalum.
* Add thermal pads under regulators.
* Change regulator 10uF caps to tantalum.