DNA Synthesis Research Groups

I’ve been looking for research groups actively investigating new approaches to DNA synthesis (published since 2014). While there are some interesting approaches, I’m surprised I’ve not been able to come up with more groups.

If you know of any, let me know!

Lab name Website Recent Publication
Keasling Lab Group Page De novo DNA synthesis using polymerase-nucleotide conjugates
Ingenuity Lab (closed)
Photo-cleavable nucleotides for primer free enzyme mediated DNA synthesis
Duhee Bang’s Lab Group Page Toward a new paradigm of DNA writing using a massively parallel sequencing platform and degenerate oligonucleotide
Tom Brown Group Group Page Gene assembly via one-pot chemical ligation of DNA promoted by DNA nanostructures
Church Group Group Page Large-scale de novo DNA synthesis: technologies and applications


Primer-Independent DNA Synthesis by a Family B DNA Polymerase from Self-Replicating Mobile Genetic Elements

Template-Independent Enzymatic Oligonucleotide Synthesis (TiEOS): Its History, Prospects, and Challenges

Click to access KR101785074B1.pdf

The history and advances of reversible terminators used in new
generations of sequencing technology.

Large-scale de novo DNA synthesis: technologies and applications.