CCD Notes

Some more random CCD notes, as I’ve been trying to figure out how the Ixy 60 CCd works..

The reference here which describes CCD interfacing in general has been very useful.

Typically a the CCD is interfaced using an AFE (analogue front end). Another camera I have uses this Casio part: AD9923, Datasheet.

This post has some notes in Russian on the Ixy 60. No idea what they’re doing but the drawings look awesome.

These youtube videos give a nice introduction to CCD.

Further random notes on the Ixy 60 CCD pinout

Pins 3 and 4 from bottom left appear to show differences with light when removed from circuit (pins 17 and 18 on my diagram). Analogue data.

CCD looks similar to MN39670 but I can’t find a datasheet for this anyway.

6,8,5,4 on flex PCB appear to be pixel clock?

Possible pixel clocks
pin 28: pixel clock? ~30ns period 33MHz? ~3v
pin 17: 30ns pulse ~4v
pin 18: 30ns sq. ~3 -> 4v
pin 19: as 18
pin 27: as 28

pin 1: 3us, 16v sq every 30ms. (inside 2 10us -8v sqs)
2.2us, 0-5.8us, 4.6us, -8v. every 124.8us
pin 3: as pin 1, but no +16v pulses.
pin 4: as pin 1, but 16v is in 2.4us sqs.
pin 5: as 4, but no pulse before 16v
pin 6: +10v, 20us, 0 5us, 16us
pin 7: -8, every 125us, + something…
pin 8: as 7
pin 9: as 7
pin 10: +8v, 20us, 0-4.4us, 14.4us. every ???
2.6us, 0-7.8us, 2.6us. every 125us
pin 11: as 7?
pin 12: as 10
pin 13: as 12
pin 14: as 12

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