Various OP177 die images

I bought some OP177G in SOIC8 on eBay. The strange thing about them was that while I bought 10 on the same piece of cut tape, the packages were different… I figured there was a high probability that they were fake.

I decapped them using an Olfa cutter (box cutter) blade. All things considered this decapping process works surprisingly well. With some effort, I think you can do better (@marcan42 has used this method with reasonable results which is what gave me the idea in the first place).

They were imaged under the same inspection microscope (Amscope) that I use for soldering. While the images are not great, the feature sizes are huge so it doesn’t matter so much.

I also purchased some OP177s from Digikey… turns out that while the packages look kind of fake, the dies appear to be identical!

ebay packages back
ebay packages front
Digikey package back
Digikey package front

More pictures follow: