Dual esp8266 board


I’ve been playing with a new esp8266 design. The board has 2 esp8266s on one PCB. It’s based around my espusb design.

The board contains a ch340g usb interface, an MSP1603 buck converter to power the 2 esp8266s. The SPI buses of the esps are linked so that they can communicate. There are headers that allow the 2 esps to be programmed independently.

One idea of course is that I could uses these boards to build a basic mesh network. I think they’ll be fun to play around with in any case. Gerbers and Kicad files below. If boards work, and there’s any interest, I might stick them in my shop. If you think you’d like one email me ([email protected]).

Kicad design files and gerbers: espusb_dual