Gene Editing Companies (December 2018)

I’ve put together the list of Gene/Genome/DNA editing business below. I’ve listed companies who seem to be primarily service or research apps businesses below the main list, however the distinction isn’t always clear as they may have some novel technology as well as.

These are all the editing companies I’m aware of. If you know of any more, or have any corrections for the list, let me know!

Company Stage Raised Application Location Site/Info
Agenovir Acquired 10.6M antiviral therapies San Diego – USA report
ATGC Inc IPO nanoparticle delivery system Ann Arbor – USA grant info
Beam Therapeutics Series A 87M Base editor human therapeutics Cambridge – USA site
Biopalette Seed? ~2M Non-cutting Editing tech Kobe – Japan site
Caribou Biosciences Series B 74.6M Foundational CRISPR-Cas9 IP Bay Area – USA site
Celdara Medical CRISPR HIV Therapy New Hampshire – USA grant info
CELL MICROSYSTEMS INC. High throughput CRISPR cell-line production North Carolina – USA grant info
Cellectis IPO CAR-T (gene edited) for Cancer therapy France site
Cibus Series C 200M Gene editing crop development San Diego site
Crispa Therapeutics Series B 127M Foundational CRISPR IP – Human therapeutics Cambridge – USA site
Desktop Genetics Series A? 6.9M AI for CRISPR design London – UK site
Edigene Series A 15M Engineered CRISPR/Cas9 Tokyo – Japan site
Edit Force Series A ~4.5M PPR protein engineering tech. Fukuoka – Japan site
Editas Medicine IPO 210M CRISPR for human therapeutics Cambridge – USA site
eGenesis Bio Series A 40M Edited animals for xenotransplantation Cambridge – USA site
Eligo Bioscience (fka PhageX) Series A 22.9M Bacteriophage delivered CRISPR anti-microbials Paris – France site
Evotec AG IPO CRISPR licensee – research tools Hamburg – Germany report
Excision BioTherapeutics Seed 10M Human therapeutics Pennsylvania – USA site
Exonics Therapeutics Series A 45M SingleCut CRISPR for human therapeutics (neuromuscular) Watertown – MA – USA site
GenEdit pre-seed? CRISPR (+other) therapeutics with nanoparticle delivery Berkeley – USA site
Homology Medicines IPO 127M Homologous recombination for human therapeutics Bedford – MA – USA site
Inari Agriculture Series B 40M Editing for Agriculture applications Cambridge – USA site
indee labs Seed 5.1M Vortex shedding gene delivery for editing apps San Francisco – USA site
Inscripta Series C 84.4M Developing new classes of CRISPR endonuclease novel editing tech. Boulder – USA site
Ligandal Seed 844K Nanotech delivery platform for CRISPR human therapeutics San Francisco – USA site
Locus Biosciences Series A 26M CRISPR-engineered bacteriophage cocktails – human therapeutics North Carolina – USA site
Mammoth Biosciences Series A 24.6M CRISPR-based disease detection (human diagnostics) San Francisco – USA site
NextBiotics Seed 100K CRISPR edited bacterophage? San Francisco – USA site
Pairwise Plants Series A 25M Gene editing for agricultural applications North Carolina – USA site
Plantedit Seed 100K Gene editing for agricultural applications Indiana – USA. site
Poseida Therapeutics Series B 84.5M Novel Cas-CLOVER editing for human therapeutic applications San Diego – USA site
Precision BioSciences Series B 135.7M Homing endonuclease based editing platform North Carolina – USA site
Recombinetics Series A 60.9M xenotransplantation and edit humanized disease models Minnesota – USA site
Sangamo Therapeutics IPO 93.2M ZFN Gene editing for human therapeutics Richmond – USA site

Service Businesses

Company Stage Raised Application Location Site/Info
Allele Biotechnology Series B 10M Service business San Diego – USA site
Applied StemCells Series D 23.5M Service business San Francisco – USA site
GeneCopoeia CRISPR Service business Maryland – USA site
genoway Edited mice etc. Service business Lyon – France site
GenScript CRISPR Service Business New Jersey – USA site
Horizon Discovery IPO Editing Service Business Cambridge – UK site
HUDSON RIVER BIOTECHNOLOGY BV IPO Editing Service Business Netherlands site
inDroso CRISPR genome edited flies Service Business Rennes – France site
ThermoFisher Service Business site
MaxCyte IPO 31.3M Editing Services and tools Maryland – USA site
OriGene CRISPR Service business and products Maryland – USA site
Sigma Aldrich Service business and tools site
Synthego Series C 159.5M Service Business and tools for editing Redwood City – USA site
Taconic Biosciences Service business – CRISPR mouse models New York – USA site
ToolGen Service business -IP holder? Seoul – Korea site


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