Agilent 6624A DC System Power supply


I picked up a 6624A power supply the other day, it was going for about 20USD so I couldn’t resist it. The thing is a beast, 4 channels, 2 going to 50V, and 2 going to 20V. It can source 5A at 7V, 2A at 20V and 0.8A at 50V. And the thing is HUGE. I have to admit to being slightly scared of this thing (probably wise given how much voltage/current it can source).

Being a “system” power supply, it has no banana plugs on the front. I opened it up to see if I could add any. It does look like there’s space, but it certainly wasn’t designed for them to be fitted as an option. I’ll need to cut through the front metal shielding.


For some reason I’m reminded of pulling apart washing machines as a kid. This transformer is massive! I know why it’s so heavy now.

A few other pics. You can see that the channel modules are entirely separate the design varies significantly between the 20 and 50V channels.




I briefly checked the first channel, (set at 5V). Not too bad for 20USD:


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