Inside the Thorlabs MDT690



The MDT690 is a 3 axis piezo. In simple terms it takes a 10V input and generates a 150V output to drive a piezo electric actuator. Diagrams below show the devices internals. The first two pictures show the

Upper Boards

Lower Board

Single Channel Circuit

Each channel uses two OP27s and an PA41. The signal from the offset pot and the BNC on the front panel are combined and head into the first OP27 which appears to be in an inverting configuration. This heads into a second OP27, I didn’t traceout the feedback on this but assume it’s a buffer for the PA41 and either it or the PA41 re-invert the signal. Comments welcome!
P1000890 (2)

Marketing material for newer version: here

PA41 Datasheet: pa41_42U