CX10 Mini Quadcopter 3D Design files


cx10I picked up a CX10 mini quadcopter on eBay. The CX10 is a tiny, 50mm quadcopter that costs around 10GBP (~15USD). Apparently they work reasonably well (but mine came pre-broken which is always handy).

There’s an interesting teardown over on the EEVBlog forums. The design seems quite nice. It uses an STM32 with a 2.4GHz receiver and 3 axis gyro/accelerometer.

The motors look like standard pager style motors. I believe these are standard brushed DC motors, but it’s possible they are coreless.


Bare PCB CX10 style quadcopter from taobao.

The simplicity of the design got me thinking. It turns out the rotors are available separately (as are the bare boards actually, see left). So I started wondering about how I might go about designing one. As a first step I measured the quadcopter and put the above design for a frame together (design files below). I’ve sent it out to dirtySLA (which cost a massive 4USD! :)) for fabrication.