Ultra-cheap Chinese Microcontrollers

I’m heading to Shenzhen and one of the things I want to take a look at is the ultra-cheap MCUs that are available in the Chinese ecosystem. Ultimately I’d like to see what the cheapest part available is, and how much a reel would cost. This post documents the parts I’ve seen on taobao. I was surprised not to see anything from General Plus as I’ve seen them crop up in designs before but perhaps they just don’t make it to taobao. If you have any recommendations let me know.



Chinese language datasheet: 48576_MDT10P53

4Mhz Internal RC osc. Up to 20Mhz external. 1K EPROM, 41 byte of SRAM. Doesn’t appear to have an ADC.

Listed as “fully compatible microcontroller PIC12F508/PIC12F509”. The datasheet contains the full instruction set which I’ve not checked is identical to a PIC12, they may only mean pinout/signal levels. Listed at 0.7CNY, which at the time of writing is 11 cents on taobao. Further searching shows some sellers down at 0.1CNY (1 cent!) no idea how reliable those guys are.


English datasheet: HT46R005

512bytes OTP program memory. 32bytes RAM. 3channel 12bit ADCs. Up to 16Mhz operation.

0.85CNY on taobao (13 cents).


Identical to the HT46 above (same datasheet), but lacks ADCs.

0.8CNY on taobao (12 cents).

These are OTP parts and the HT66F03 and HT68F03 appear to be their flash equivalents. Available for about 20 cents (further searching shows them down to about 0.5CNY, 8cents).

HT66F03 Datasheet: ht6xf0xv160



English language datasheet: ht46r06xbv110

Up to 12Mhz, 8 12bit ADCs. 64B has 1K flash, 64bytes of SRAM. Series has up to 4K flash, 128bytes of SRAM.



Chinese language datasheet: sim6xF0xC

4->20Mhz I think there’s an internal RC but it’s unclear. 1->2K of 14bit word (I guess code) flash. 64 to 96bytes of SRAM. Seen for 1.2CNY (about 20 cents) on taobao.



An 8051! Internal RC OSC. Rated upto 35Mhz (RC goes to 33), 128bytes RAM, upto 6K of flash. Doesn’t appear to have ADC, can’t locate a complete datasheet.

1.48CNY on taobao (24 cents). And here for 0.9CNY (14 cents).



Available for 1.7CNY on tabobao (27 cents).

100+ page datasheet here: ht6xF016_017v120


Possibly real PIC12s for 2.3CNY (about 36 cents) on taobao. 2K flash, 128bytes EEPROM, 64 bytes SRAM. 4Channel 10bit ADCs.