Modifying shellinabox to use Gnu Unifont or Profont

shellinabox is a web based terminal client, it’s neat and kind of useful for remote access. However, I don’t much like the default fonts (which are limited by want is available to your browser). I therefore modified it to use the Unifont WOFF I previously generated.

It /kind of/ works. The spacing is still off, and the Unifont WOFF only seems to work in Safari at the moment (it is kind of big!). Anyway, moving to Unifont resolved some of the Kanji rendering artifacts I was having:

You can see that the Hanzi in the first example inserts an extra whitespace above the line. In the second example the Hanzi throws the (s out of alignment, due to the Hanzi width being different than the normal text.

This is the version of shellinthebox modified to use Unifont. As you can see it keeps everything nicely in alignment. There’s also no /extra/ white horizontal line. However, every line now gets a whitespace between it, I need to figure out the css padding issues that are causing this.

You can find my shellinthebox fork on github here.