MAC Aluminium Keyboard Disassembly

There are a couple of Aluminium mac keyboard disassembles on the internets. One here and another here (both of the same physical keyboard!). I decided to disassemble my own, hopefully nondestructively. I took the advice of one of the commenters and heated the keyboard in an oven at 100 degrees C. That helped loosen the glue which holds the front of the keyboard to the plastic backing, the downside is that the heat slightly warped the shift key and also that I burninated my hand!

I then eased a knife under the plastic and removed it. It’s tough but mostly nondestructive. I think it could go back together again. Anyway here are the pictures:

So you can get to the FPC cables reasonably easily. If you wanted to get to the membrane nondestructively I think you’d run in to trouble. The membrane is backed with a metal sheet which appears to be riveted to the aluminum frontpiece.