esp32 USB Stick (esp32 + ch340g + buck conv + sd card)


I’ve just finished the first revision of the esp32 version of the espusb stick and it’s now out to fab. I expect to have to do at least some rework and probably a couple more iterations before I’m happy with it. But if you want to hack around with it, the Kicad files and gerbers are below.

As before the board contains a ch340g usb interface, buck converter (to generate 3.3v efficiently) and an SD card slot as well as the esp32. I have exactly one esp32 IC at the moment… so it might take some time to get this board up an running.

This is also currently a 2 layer board, I think this should be fine, but it’s possible I’ll need to rework it as a 4 layer design at some point.

Once I have a revision I’m comfortable it’ll go in the shop. If you’d like to pre-order it, let me know. For a hand assembled board it’ll probably be 20USD. Plug: if you buy stuff from my shop it makes it more likely that I’ll be able to get a production run done and put out a cheaper version.

Kicad files and Gerbers: esp32_usb