Simple histogram in python,matplotlib (no display, write to png)

Reads from a file called p, uses 10000 bins, filters out values < -10000. Sets a range of -10000 to 3500000, max value of 20. [sourcecode language="python"] #!/usr/bin/env python import numpy as np import matplotlib as mpl import matplotlib.mlab as mlab mpl.use('Agg') import matplotlib.pyplot as plt inp = open ("p","r") x = [] for line in inp.readlines(): if int(line) > -10000: x.append(int(line)) print x # the histogram of the data n, bins, patches = plt.hist(x, 10000, normed=0, facecolor='green') print bins print n # add a 'best fit' line #y = mlab.normpdf( bins, mu, sigma) #l = plt.plot(bins, y, 'r--', linewidth=1) plt.xlabel('Position') plt.ylabel('Population') plt.title('My data') #plt.axis([-10000,3500000, 0, 20]) plt.grid(True) plt.savefig('histogram.png') [/sourcecode]