A curio watch

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I found this watch at a market in Somerset. I find it utterly fascinating in that it’s a rather advanced piece of kit, certainly compared to what you could buy 10 years ago, while also being completely ridiculous.

It’s called a Montres Carlo 30420.

The scrolling text is quite impressive, and indicates to me a rather complex ASIC, or possibly even a small microcontroller. The battery life is also pretty good, it’s been running for months now using a CR2025.

You can see that they’ve decided to mount the LED backlight directly behind the screen, so it lights up a single spot. It’s also a multi colour LED, which flashes in various colours, because that’s cool.

Here are some internal pictures:

You can see that the Solar cell only has one terminal connected… I wonder if that can possibly work….

I always find it a shame that the ICs are buried in epoxy, I always have the urge to find out what’s under there. Perhaps I need an acid bath and a microscope…