A 2N2222 die image

I was curious to know what a transistor die looked like so I hacked the can off a 2N2222 and up it under my recently acquired microscope. The die image is above, I’m not sure if I cracked it opening the can or blew it up (it was suspect anyway). Interesting to note that it …

The iPhone’s MEMS sensors

I picked up this book called “inside of iPhone” a while ago. While it’s all in Japanese, I couldn’t resist it based on the illustrations. It’s full of excellent and detailed illustrations, like those of the MEMS sensors below: Knowles MEMS microphone LIS331DLH, 3-axis accelerometer. L3G4200DH Motion Sensor AK8975 Compass

A Common Emitter Hartley Oscillator Notes

Today I built up the Hartley Oscillator shown above, I used the following design: The Hartley Oscillator is the dual of the Colpitts. I’m still hazy on the details of the tank circuit. I’ll be reading up on this and will update this post accordingly. The circuit however oscillates well: