Euler Problem 3 Python Solution

The problem is to find the largest prime factor of 600851475143.

Some ugly python and an ugly solution. Clearly not very computationally efficient as I’m recalculating primes each time. There are also other computationally more efficient solutions out there in any case. This is just here for my reference:

import math

def getprimes(input):
  i = input #math.sqrt(input)

  vals = range(2,int(i))

  for n in vals:
    for j in xrange(n+n,int(i),n):
      if j in vals:

  return vals

input = 600851475143L

primes_max = 100

while 1:
  primes = getprimes(primes_max)
  #print primes
  p = 0
  for i in primes:
    if input%i == 0:
      print "factor: ",i
      input = input/i
      p = 1

  if primes_max > math.sqrt(input):
    if p == 0:
      print "factor: ",input

  primes_max = primes_max + 1000
  print primes_max

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