3.8mm laser diode jammed in to aixiz 5.6mm module

There doesn’t seem to be a laser housing available that will take a 4.8mm diode. So I was forced to jammed a 3.8mm diode in to a standard 5.6mm aixiz module. This isn’t entirely sensible, but we’re playing with burning laser ripped out of DVD drives, the train for sensible town left long ago my friend.

I removed the 3.8mm diode from the drive but left it in it’s heatsink, I then cut away just enough of the heatsink so that it would fit in to the housing. I stuff some solder in the gaps just for good measure:

Unfortunately the driver I’m using, an OFL144, doesn’t fit in the housing either, so I’ve clamped the whole thing in a bent piece of metal. Pretty aint it: