Project Euler Problem 10 – Sum for primes to 2 million

At first I attempted to solve this using the sieve code I wrote for problem 3. However that code used Python lists and was removing elements as it progressed. That was horribly inefficient. So I’ve learnt to use Python arrays, which I was surprised to learn are not a native data structure in Python. Anyway, for my reference here is the code:

import math

from array import array

def getprimes(input):
  myarray = array('L',range(input))
  myarray[1] = 0

  for n in myarray:
    if n != 0:
      for j in xrange(n+n,int(input),n):
        myarray[j] = 0

  retvals = []

  for n in myarray:
    if n != 0:

  return retvals

p = getprimes(2000000)

sum = 0
for i in p:
  sum += i

print sum

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